Time for a renovated user interface

by inmarelibero

post_imageI think it’s time to give symfonybricks.com a new user interface. Nice and functional.

Current statistics report of an average of 20~30 unique visitors per day, 12 created bricks, 17 star and 7 forks on the github repository. I think a better interface would help a lot for SymfonyBricks to be known and appreciated, as well as improving the user experience. The current graphics is made almost entirely by me and, if in the beginning this has been god for avoiding “premature optimization”, now could be that moment.

For this, I’m thinking about asking a collaborator of mine (web designer) to create a new graphics. This would be produced in a relative short time and, before applying it to the website, would be put on github to be commented. More, also the copy will be renovated, for the right impression comes from the right words.