“Bricks of Symfony” posts: abstract

by inmarelibero

lego“Bricks of Symfony” is a new category of posts published on this blog.


SymfonyBricks has a double nature: a working platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge about Symfony, and a good source codeĀ to be studied and to learn from.

The purpose of the category “Brick of Symfony” is to collect posts showing in details how a specific relevant feature has been implemented in symfonybricks.com, referencing the code in the github repository.

For example, one post will show how assetic has been used in a smart way: applying compression and filters, loading javascript in the header and in the footer for best practice, and so on.

This would replace/be complementary with theĀ changelog page, which in my idea should help to keep track of relevant issues realized in SymfonyBricks.


Stay tuned!