“SymfonyBricks, un nuevo recurso”: a blog post by Javier Eguiluz

by inmarelibero

Yesterday Javier Eguiluz (@javiereguiluz) published on his blog  a post regarding SymfonyBricks: SymfonyBricks, un nuevo recurso para aprender Symfony2.

This has been great, because it contributed a lot to spread the voice about this project.

“Gimme some numbers!” Ok I like seeing numbers too, so: usually https://symfonybricks.com receives 20-40 unique visitors per day and 30-60 pageviews; and this is quite good, because almost all the visitors come from google by searching something they need about solving a problem in Symfony.
But yesterday… it received 221 unique visitors and 853 page views! And this is amazing, because this project now is more known and hopefully someone will join the development, will comment on github, will post a guide, will learn by inspecting the ode, and so on.

This is to say that this model can work: you hear about SymfonyBricks or google tells it; you inspect the code, learn or contribute; then you tell other people this exists like Javier did. And this helps everyone because it’s collaborative and open. For me it’s incredible, and it’s not just about coding, but also making a community.

Want a hint about wehere to begin from? Check easypick tagged issues on github, and follow @SymfonyBricks on twitter.


Cheers, inmarelibero.