OAuth providers are now available through HWIOAuthBundle

by inmarelibero

A little after upgrading the core of SymfonyBricks to Symfony v2.3, another big news: HWIOAuthBundle has been integrated, to provide authentication through OAuth providers.

It was a long time I wanted to provide this feature, I think this will ease the user experience and allow more people to join this project.

As SymfonyBricks is totally open source, you can see how I did by reviewing the commit d36e04a3a747f07f56ff8be6774a0a266b4a95c1.

Technical specs

Some time ago I tried to use this bundle but I didn’t succeeded; so I decided to wait for Symfony 2.3 and a better documentation of the bundle. I finally chose HWIOAuthBundle version 0.3.

The work is good and the documentation is sufficient, but it’s lacking when I had to integrate OAuth providers with the existing FOSUserbundle.

So these docs where very useful:

Following these infos I succeeded in letting users to registrate/log in with OAuth providers.

Implemented features

As now, it’s possible to register/sign in with your Github account.

More OAuth connectors will come: surely Twitter and SensioLabsConnect. Graphical interface is to be improved, there are come templates I didn’t customize and some behaviors I didn’t implement.


As always, feedback are more than welcome: it’s the first time I manage to use HWIOAuthBundle proficiently and I learnt a lot from this.

You can find all the code involved in introducing HWIOAuthBundle in commit d36e04a3a747f07f56ff8be6774a0a266b4a95c1.