Twitter and SensioLabsConnect OAuth now available

by inmarelibero

I just added Twitter and SensioLabsConnect OAuth providers to,

You can now register/login through one of these providers:

  • Github
  • Twitter
  • SensioLabsConnect

It was a long time that I wanted to implement the registration/logging in through OAuth providers, because I think it’s very useful for users, and also because I wanted to study the OAuth protocol and to be able to develop this feature in may day to day work.

One again thanks to the developers of HWIOAuthBundle for making this possible in such easy way for me.

Technical specs

You can see the full commit here: [oauth] add SensiolabsConnector [oauth] add Twitter


In case you didn’t read the first post about this topic, here it is: OAuth providers are now available through HWIOAuthBundle