SymfonyBricks upgraded to Symfony 2.5

by inmarelibero

The whole platform has been recently upgraded to Symfony v2.5. It was previously based on Sf 2.3, so the process involved two major releases.

What I’d like to point out is that it was absolutely painless, and the time spent was less than 2 hours, comprehensive of the deployment. This has been possible for the amazing work of the Symfony core developers and of those of the involved bundles, who always hugely care about backward compatibility.

Once again this demonstrates one of the most attractive aspect of this framework: stability. This is a very interesting point for example for companies relying on this tool, which is a kind of rare thing in open source projects.

Technical issues

The upgrade can be resumed in these short steps:

  1. update of composer.json with the specs of the one contained in the Symfony Standard Version
  2. replacement of the deprecated handle() function belonging to the Symfony\Component\Form\Form class with handleRequest()
  3. let configuration files in app/config be coherent with the ones of the Standard Version

The last step was the one I spent most time on (~30 min), because there were some minor changes. Everything worked also without this step, but I wanted the configuration be coherent with the same use of variables.


You can find the whole commit here: ff605c