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SymfonyBricks upgraded to Symfony 2.5

The whole platform has been recently upgraded to Symfony v2.5. It was previously based on Sf 2.3, so the process involved two major releases. What I’d like to point out is that it was absolutely painless, and the time spent was less than 2 hours, comprehensive of the deployment. This has been possible for the amazing work […]

Twitter and SensioLabsConnect OAuth now available

I just added Twitter and SensioLabsConnect OAuth providers to, You can now register/login through one of these providers: Github Twitter SensioLabsConnect It was a long time that I wanted to implement the registration/logging in through OAuth providers, because I think it’s very useful for users, and also because I wanted to study the OAuth protocol and […]

OAuth providers are now available through HWIOAuthBundle

A little after upgrading the core of SymfonyBricks to Symfony v2.3, another big news: HWIOAuthBundle has been integrated, to provide authentication through OAuth providers. It was a long time I wanted to provide this feature, I think this will ease the user experience and allow more people to join this project. As SymfonyBricks is totally […]

Source code upgraded to Symfony v2.3 has recently moved to Symfony 2.3. Vendors have been upgraded and the whole process took only a few problems, but generally it went very straight. The upgrade has been so easy thanks to the constant huge work of Symfony developers: documentation and compatibility are great. At the same time, we moved from Bootstrap2 to […]

“SymfonyBricks, un nuevo recurso”: a blog post by Javier Eguiluz

Yesterday Javier Eguiluz (@javiereguiluz) published on his blog  a post regarding SymfonyBricks: SymfonyBricks, un nuevo recurso para aprender Symfony2. This has been great, because it contributed a lot to spread the voice about this project. “Gimme some numbers!” Ok I like seeing numbers too, so: usually receives 20-40 unique visitors per day and 30-60 pageviews; and this is […]

RSS now available on

Referencing issue #46, an RSS feed for has been implemented. You can keep in touch with the published bricks by subscribing to the feed: In this very moment, feeds are about new bricks published on Technically EkoFeedBundle has been chosen, and you can have a look at commit 80be841ca1bbb16bdb7a215bc97e807d5a799fb7 to know how it has […]

Time for a renovated user interface

I think it’s time to give a new user interface. Nice and functional. Current statistics report of an average of 20~30 unique visitors per day, 12 created bricks, 17 star and 7 forks on the github repository. I think a better interface would help a lot for SymfonyBricks to be known and appreciated, as […]

About SymfonyBricks

SymfonyBricks can be a great opportunity to build something amazing: a place where developers exchange their experience about Symfony and where you can learn a lot. SymfonyBricks is an open source project, based on Symfony2 (v. 2.1.x). It was published on on the 1st of October, 2012. Purpose Build a social platform where developers […]