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SymfonyBricks upgraded to Symfony 2.5

The whole platform has been recently upgraded to Symfony v2.5. It was previously based on Sf 2.3, so the process involved two major releases. What I’d like to point out is that it was absolutely painless, and the time spent was less than 2 hours, comprehensive of the deployment. This has been possible for the amazing work […]

OAuth providers are now available through HWIOAuthBundle

A little after upgrading the core of SymfonyBricks to Symfony v2.3, another big news: HWIOAuthBundle has been integrated, to provide authentication through OAuth providers. It was a long time I wanted to provide this feature, I think this will ease the user experience and allow more people to join this project. As SymfonyBricks is totally […]

“Bricks of Symfony” posts: abstract

“Bricks of Symfony” is a new category of posts published on this blog.   SymfonyBricks has a double nature: a working platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge about Symfony, and a good source code to be studied and to learn from. The purpose of the category “Brick of Symfony” is to collect posts showing in details […]

About SymfonyBricks

SymfonyBricks can be a great opportunity to build something amazing: a place where developers exchange their experience about Symfony and where you can learn a lot. SymfonyBricks is an open source project, based on Symfony2 (v. 2.1.x). It was published on on the 1st of October, 2012. Purpose Build a social platform where developers […]